The general information about Icircon and its circular connector

Applications of Push pull connector
June 7, 2016
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The general information about Icircon and its circular connector

Brief introduction

Icircon Tech is a manufacturer from China which mostly focus on the field of designing, manufacturing and supply of circular push-pull connectors and cable assembly. So far our highly qualified team has made a number of milestone in designing and manufacturing. Our high quality products are found in variety of challenging application environment, which widely used in the area of medical equipments, telecommunication, electronics, motor and power industries. Our connector are most suitable for easy and quick mating and unmating requirement and for the devices which require better screening such as IC control system, medical equipments, test and measurement of instruments, telecommunication etc.

Principle of operation(push-pull self-latching system)

This self-latching system is renowned worldwide for its easy and quick mating and unmating features. It provides absolute security against vibration, shock or pull on the cable, and facilitates operation in a very limited space.
The self-latching system allows the connector to be mated
by simply pushing the plug axially into the socket.
Once firmly latched, connection cannot be broken by pulling on the cable
or any other component part other than the outer release sleeve.
When required, the connector is disengaged by a single axial pull on the outer release sleeve.
This first disengages the latches and then withdraws the plug from the socket.

Production series

List some series products to show you characteristic feature of our connectors and give you a general idea about the push pull connectors and help you to make a decision to choose one suitable connector for your equipment.

The standard keyed series(B series)

The characteristic feature of these connector series is a keying system which allows higher contact density and prevents all errors in alignment. The various keying alternatives prevent unwanted cross mating of otherwise similar connectors. this series includes 00, 0B,1B, 2B and 3B, five sizes for your option.some vacuumtight models are also available.

The watertight keyed Series(K series)

These series are watertight when mated and assembled to an appropriate cable. They include an inner sleeve and two seals to prevent penetration of solids or liquids into the housing formed by the plug, free socket and fixed socket the series includes 0K, 1K, 2K and 3K four sizes, available in the same types as the 0B to 3B series.

The standard Series (S series)

The characteristic feature of these connector series is the hermaphroditic insulator in the multipole version. They include principally the 0S and 1S series, as well as the 00 unipole series and the 2C (shortened version)

The miniature series(H series)

The H series connectors are push-pull type micro-connectors.They have been developed in response to customers' needs for miniaturization, high density, and easy handling.The H series connectors offer light weight and assure high reliavility and durability as well as easy "push-pull" operation.

The plastic series( P series).

These circular plastic connectors are especially adapted for applications such as medical electronics and test & measurement. this series offers a two choice of connectors two contact configurations: multipole contacts and coaxial connectors. In addition, a range of one time use connectors and connectors for mains power is available.
Series B series K series S series H series P series
Environment Indoor outdoor or
harsh en.
Indoor Indoor Indoor
Ingress protection IP50 IP66 to IP68 IP50 IP50 IP50
Temperature range - 55 to 250°C - 55 to 200°C - 55 to 250°C - 55 to 250°C - 55 to 250°C
Latching Push-Pull self-latching
Shell sizes - 5 4 3 3 1
Insulator type Multipole Unipole hermaphroditic
or multipole
Multipole Multipole
Latching Solder or Print
Features 11 keyways 8 keyways Stepped insert / 4 keyways

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