Icircon connector’s application in HD camera

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June 7, 2016
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September 20, 2019
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Icircon connector’s application in HD camera

T oday we introduce the application in HD camera industry which you maybe see in real life or in TV or online. so that it is easy for you to understand the application of our push pull connectors.
We often use digital camera in our life such as the brand of Canon or Sony, because they are smart and light to carry on when travel outside. while when people shoot the documentary and films, it is not impossible to use smart digital camera. of course Canon and Sony produce large digital camera which called HD camera. except Canon and Sony which are well-known because they come to our life everywhere, there are so many famous HD camera manufacturers, like RED, BLACKMAGICA and ARRI who mount much more push-pull connector in the equipments. why the push pull connector are widely use in such equipments? it is all because of the advantage of such connector. let us review the perfect performance.

kinds of size option, genius appearance and smart instruction

We supply kinds of size option from size 00 to size #4, you can choose any size for your usage. The shell of product are processed accurately from qualified brass then sent to do environmental galvanization which can be nickel, chrome or black chrome. Our products meet the RoHs environment standard totally.the genius appearance matches the black HD camera perfectly and the smart instruction save much more space in the equipments.

The better signal transmission

the contacts are made from beryllium copper and with environmental gold galvanization. the instruction and the material make connector 360° screening for full EMC shielding which give better signal transmission and capture.

More color identification to match socket and plug

The Insulating washer of socket and bend relief of plug have different color. when there are so many sockets with different contacts mounted in the equipment panel, the insulating washer fixed with socket will be the identification to match the according color of plug relief which will avoid the mis-matching. the available color is : red, black, yellow, green, blue, brown and white.

The better endurance of pushing and pulling

When you use HD camera, you have to push and pull often the cable of battery and others accessories to the equipment, the push pull connector with qualified environmental gold galvanization endure 3000 time to 5000 times to push in and pull out.

Safe push-pull self-latching system and easy operation

The connector with push-pull self-latching system gives more safe and easier operation when you interconnect the equipment and other accessories.
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